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As your innovative partner for all pipe and sewer cleaning services, we offer high-quality work and many years of experience. The experts of Pro Plumbers are there for you 24/7. Our customers, from private households to top-class companies, appreciate the high quality and professional competence of our employees. The use of state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles, friendly cooperation and a wide range of services, including emergency services for all types of drain cleaning, are the hallmarks of our partners. We are always ready to serve our customers all over the U.S.!

24/7 Drain Cleaning

From sewer inspection to repair - all sewer services from a single source! Cracks, moisture, roots and other materials can quickly lead to damage in the connection and drainage ducts in and around the house. With our careful drain cleaning we ensure that your sewers in the whole house, in the sewage system or in public buildings and construction sites are in the best condition. Rely on the professional removal of dirt and other disturbing factors!

Hidden damage can also be quickly detected thanks to our innovative leak test. This is carried out by certified and insured experts.

Causes of blocked drains

The blockage of drains and pipes usually creeps up slowly. Only when the drain spreads an unpleasant odor in the living space do most people take action. Then it often has to go fast. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, one should act immediately with the first signs of a blockage.

causes of blocked drains

The longer you wait, the bigger and more expensive the problem becomes. If the usual household remedies no longer help, you should not hesitate and call an expert. It is best to do this before an emergency occurs in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Clogged pipes can have many causes:

  • limescale
  • rusty pipes
  • pipe damage
  • hot oil
  • hair
  • food scraps
  • toiletries
  • cat litter
  • cigarette butts
  • toilet paper

The cause of blockage is not always obvious, especially if the pipe is damaged outside the house. This damage can only be detected with the help of a camera that is pushed into the pipe. However, it is more common for clogged pipes to be caused by the user. Too much toilet paper, food leftovers, cat litter, toiletries and hair are the most common reasons for clogged drains. So, before we do an expensive TV camera inspection, we first check if there is a blockage that is easy to fix.

Drain Cleaning Costs

Depending on the type and location of the blockage, drain cleaning can entail different costs. Is the clogged area outside the house because the drainpipe has been damaged by roots or bagging? Here, not only cleaning must be done, but also repairs are necessary. The costs will be correspondingly higher and must be paid by the owner or landlord. A quick reaction, even at the first sign of a blockage, can usually reduce the costs. Night or weekend surcharges can often be saved if you act quickly.

As a rough guide, you can expect $150 - $300 for a simple blockage. If whole pipes need to be removed and replaced, the invoice amount can be in the thousands.

drain cleaning costs

Common drain cleaning caused by clogging is usually quick and easy to fix. But even here it is important not to wait too long until nothing works anymore!

Who bears the costs for pipe cleaning?

A blockage, which was caused by the tenant, must be paid usually also by them. However, if the blockage was caused by external influences or pipe defects, the owner or landlord must pay for the damage. Therefore, we advise you to consult an expert at the first sign of a blockage. Our expert staff can quickly identify and remedy the causes.

How to prevent clogged drains

To save yourself money and trouble, treat your drains with the necessary care. Do not pour hot fats or oils into the sink. These will enter the pipe in hot and liquid form and finally cool down in the drainpipe. They solidify and cause annoying blockage.

You should also not overload your garbage disposal. When the waste from the disposal has been rinsed off, let the water run for another 30 seconds to thoroughly clean the debris.

For the drain in the tub, the use of a hair sieve is recommended. However, do not forget to dispose of the hair after each use.

Reliable and professional pipe cleaning

In addition to drains, pipes also represent an important basis for house connections. We offer customers from all over the USA state-of-the-art electrical and high-pressure technology for high-quality pipe cleaning. This allows roots and dirt to be quickly removed from

  • Connecting, laying, trailing and ground lines
  • Dirt- and rainwater pipes
  • Grease-transporting pipes, drainages, gutters, yard drains
  • Rainwater pipes or storm water drains

You can also rely on our emergency service in urgent cases.

Do you have new connections? Then take advantage of our professional pipe location service. This can be very useful, especially for faulty documents. In addition, pipe locating can also be used to easily find damage in the pipes.

As specialists for pipe and sewer work, Pro Plumbers’ experts not only offer classic drain and pipe work in on-site service. In addition, our customers also have access to special offers such as signal mist analysis or a high-performance milling robot. These methods are used to detect damage and tackle repair measures. In addition, our emergency service is always there for you.

Do you need professional cleaning, renovation or testing of drain and pipe systems? Then contact your local drain cleaning service now. We look forward to your call!