Sewer Line Repair

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Thanks to the use of our modern canal TV inspection with a high-performance camera, we can quickly make blockages, roots, cracks and other damage visible and begin to remedy them as quickly as possible. With the help of our extensive sewer pipe rehabilitation, these can be repaired quickly. During pipe cleaning, cracks are repaired in addition to flushing the sewers. In this way we can also replace missing pipe parts in the local sewer system.

In addition to extensive repair measures, we also offer professional sewer cleaning. Since many sewer systems are quickly clogged by deposits such as sand, sludge or grease, preventing a problem-free drainage of water, it is particularly important to have the sewer systems and drains checked regularly. In the course of cleaning, pipe parts and drain channels are cleaned by our flushing vehicles using high-pressure technology. For particularly urgent orders, we have also set up a professional emergency sewer line repair service.

Sewer Line Cleaning

The dragging force of the wastewater alone is not sufficient to keep sewage pipes free. Sludge, oil, grease, sand, gravel and lime residues, as well as roots of trees and bushes, lead to deposits, blockages and damage.

We have a fleet of the most modern cleaning vehicles at our disposal, which automatically filter the extracted dirty water in the vehicle (water recovery) and then use it for sewer cleaning. This means that the sewer cleaning can be carried out ecologically and economically at the same time and can thus clean all wastewater-carrying areas in all nominal widths thoroughly and in a manner that protects the substance. Because only a clean sewer is a functioning sewer.

sewer line cleaning

We clean:

  • Channels
  • Shafts
  • Mud catchers
  • Sumps
  • Lifting units
  • Septic tanks
  • Grease separators
  • Oil separators
  • Petrol separators

Sewer Line Inspection

With the help of the latest technology, we can drive through all sewers, pipes, shafts and special sewage engineering structures in order to guarantee a detailed condition recording which, supported by the latest software, is documented completely and clearly. At the same time by moving inside the sewer, an exact site plan is created by the robot and the software. All data is simultaneously stored in another plan, which is of particular interest to local authorities. This ensures that all plans for sewers, for example, correspond to the original construction plans.

Sewer Rehabilitation Planning

The sewer network of a municipality is a plant of high value, which should be kept up to date by regular renovation and repair work. Professionally planned and carried out sewer renovations are becoming more and more important and ultimately serve to maintain the value of a municipality's sewer network. For several years we have been supporting industrial companies and public network operators in the maintenance and renovation of their existing sewer lines.

The evaluation of the condition on the basis of the traffic data of the sewer system forms the basis for further planning to maintain the functionality of the sewer system. In addition to professional qualifications, many years of experience are required.

Due to a special coordination of software and hardware, we can carry out remediation planning for you, from the determination of the basic principles to the monitoring of the inspection to the planning of the remediation measures and monitoring of the implementation.

sewer rehabilitation planning

Our remediation controlling includes:

  • Professional sewer condition recording and evaluation
  • Preparation of a comprehensive remediation concept
  • Calculation of the economic efficiency of the remediation case
  • Execution of dynamic cost comparison calculations
  • Preparation of repair and implementation planning
  • EDP-supported refurbishment implementation
  • Professional remediation supervision

Sewer Line Leak Test

Sewer pipes must be leak-proof so that no wastewater escapes and pollutes the environment. Leaks are caused by cracks, leaking sleeves or defective backwater flaps. All sewage systems, including those not located in water protection areas, must be regularly subjected to a leak test in accordance with the generally recognized rules of technology. The condition and function test may only be carried out by specially trained, recognized experts.

We inspect all sewers and shafts as well as wastewater systems with water or air because only a sealed sewer is environment friendly.