Water Damage Restoration

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Moisture or water in the basement can cause damage to walls, floors or ceilings and should be removed quickly. In the worst case, mold has already formed which can spread quickly without appropriate countermeasures. If the basement is dried, extensive water damage repair measures can become necessary depending upon extent of the damage. You can entrust us with the repair of the water damage and benefit from complete service from a single source - after drying, we will also take care of the basement restoration.

What do we do before the water damage restoration?

Before the renovation of the basement is started, the cause of the water or humidity should be determined and rectified. Water damage can be caused by heavy rainfall and flooding, a burst pipe or incorrect ventilation. Damp walls, wet masonry, a musty smell and damaged furniture are the unpleasant consequences. Above all, if the basement areas are used not only as storeroom but also for living purposes, fast acting is in demand.

If a burst pipe is the cause, we offer leak location services. We use state-of-the-art techniques to determine the exact location of the pipe leakage in the masonry or floor. If the leak is found, the components can be opened purposefully and non-destructively, and the pipe break can be repaired with an appropriate seal.

In preparation for the drying and renovation of the basement, a moisture measurement should be carried out on the walls, ceilings or floors.

water damage repair

Once the cause has been found and fixed, it is essential that the affected rooms are thoroughly dried before the actual renovation of the basement begins. We install condensation or adsorption dryers, which lower the humidity in the room in a controlled manner.

Breathable (diffusion-open) components release moisture into the air and the cycle starts is in order again. Circulating air blowers support this process. Additional drying devices are used especially for cavities or insulation layers.

If the drying measures require removal or dismantling work, we at Pro Plumbers will of course take care of these tasks for you.

By the way: We do not only take care of the drying of damp basements, but also support private and commercial customers with the drying of buildings or screeds. If a damp basement is not dried or only insufficiently dried, this can lead not only to the formation of mold, but also attack the building substance in the long term. As a rule, the house’s thermal insulation also suffers from this and causes additional costs.

Our water damage repair techniques

The faster the cause can be eliminated, the better. If moisture penetrates the screed, special equipment is required to remove all residual moisture. Call a professional immediately!

Especially when everything is already under water, fast, professional help is a must. Any moisture damage must be detected and professionally repaired. Otherwise there is a risk of mold growth behind walls and under floor coverings, which can have considerable negative effects to your health. In addition, warm, damp building material is an ideal breeding ground for other bacteria, which can affect your health to the same extent.

water damage thermography

Different techniques and procedures we employ

  • Leak test
  • Leakage quantity measurement
  • Analysis of flow noises
  • Ultrasonic measurement
  • Thermography
  • Leak sealing
  • Localization of the damage
  • Water damage repair
  • Water damage restoration

Our services for flood damage renovation

Once the drying process is complete, the basement can be renovated if necessary. We offer the following services for water damage restoration:

  • Cleaning work
  • Installation and repair of tiles, carpets and other floor coverings
  • Painting and wallpapering work
  • Drywall
  • Bricklaying
  • Joinery
  • Installation and electrical work

If necessary, we also take care of the repair or disposal of damaged household goods.

Hint: Document the water damage in the basement precisely and report it to your building and/or home insurance. In many cases, insurance companies will cover damage caused by water or the cost of damaged household effects.

Further measures to be taken with a flooded basement

Call your electrician

When your basement is under water, think about your safety first. You should only start draining by yourself if you are sure that it is safe to enter the basement. In a flooded basement, you and your family may be at risk from electric shock, so call an electrician first, especially if you do not have access to your fuse box. If your fuse box is not in the basement, turn off the power and gas immediately. All electrical appliances that come into contact with water are unsafe. An electrician can help you assess whether it is safe to enter the basement and start draining.

water damage restoration measures

Call your insurance company

There are two simple precautions everyone should take to prevent basement flooding - regular maintenance of the sump pump, gutters and drainpipes. Homeowners are responsible for these tasks themselves, but tenants should check with the landlords to see if this maintenance is carried out regularly. Often, water or elemental damage is not covered by normal household or building insurance. Thus, it may be necessary for you to procure a supplementary insurance so that you are covered before any damage occurs. Our water damage repair partners work directly with your insurance company throughout the water damage restoration and cleaning process to ensure that every problem is solved as smoothly as possible.

If flooding occurs again

If your basement is repeatedly flooded despite your repairs and maintenance, you may have overlooked something. While inadequate plumbing is usually the culprit of major basement flooding, the problem is sometimes the location of the house. Many properties are located on topsoil, which draws a lot of water. As a result, the groundwater level changes constantly, resulting in regular basement flooding. To avoid these problems, you should install a sump pump. However, installing sump pumps is not a trivial task and you should have carried it out by a professional, licensed plumber or basement waterproofing specialist. If you need any help, call our specialists now!