Water Heater Repair

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Is the hot water heater calcified, leaking and dripping? The safety group on the boiler is leaking and dripping? The water heater/instantaneous water heater does not heat? The boiler is defective, leaks or needs cleaning? Replacement of a defective DHW cylinder for a detached house? Our plumbers also drive to you in 24/7 emergency service, but we are also quickly on the spot during the day.

Storage tanks for hot water heated directly or indirectly

A distinction is made between directly and indirectly heated storage tanks. Gas-fired or electrically heated hot water storage tanks heat the water directly in the tank. The indirectly heated hot water storage tank, on the other hand, is connected to a central heating system, similar to a radiator. Heating coils in the boiler keep the storage tank content at the right temperature. The heating water releases its energy in the heating coil of the storage tank and thus heats the water. The heating water, in turn, is heated by a boiler or a wall-mounted gas heater.

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How often must a boiler be cleaned/decalcified?

The boiler should be cleaned and decalcified regularly every 3-5 years. During use, minerals from the water in the boiler are naturally deposited over the years, including limescale deposits.

Hot water boiler for heating/gas heaters - Maintenance & cleaning

Our water heater services include:

  • Systematic cleaning of the boiler interior
  • Complete removal of all limescale deposits incl. professional disposal
  • Checking the boiler heating insert and the boiler control
  • Inspection of sacrificial anode, replacement if necessary
  • Checking all seals, replacement if necessary

Hot water tanks should be inspected annually and serviced regularly. We recommend to carry out this work during the maintenance of the heating system in order to save costs.

Hot water tanks made of stainless steel are maintenance-free

The storage tank, e.g. a free-standing device made of stainless steel, is already corrosion-resistant due to the choice of this material. Its alloying elements do not require any additional corrosion protection.

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Checking the hot water cylinder

Attention: The regular, thorough and expert maintenance and cleaning of the hot water tank should always be carried out by a plumber with the correct technology and hygiene. The plumber can certainly best decide on site when and how often the DHW cylinder needs to be serviced and cleaned. The demands on the corrosion resistance of the hot water tank increase with increasing air and water pollution. This fact must be given even more attention in the future.

Enameled DHW cylinders

For this purpose, the enameling of hot water storage tanks has established itself worldwide at approx. 95 %. An enameling can only adhere perfectly if the previous cleaning/maintenance and pre-treatments are carried out correctly and professionally. If the sacrificial anode on the hot water boiler is worn out too much, there is no corrosion protection for the hot water tank and the piping system, the result is a pipe rupture, rusted through hot water tank or other accidents such as cellar flooding. If the sacrificial anode is too worn out or it is no longer possible to repair the hot water boiler, the sacrificial anode or the hot water boiler can be replaced if necessary. Inexpensively and clean!